I mostly help my clients :

To prevent parental and professional exhaustion

Sophrologie mieux vivre des changements professionnels (mobilités, promotions, reconversions...)

To cope with professional changes (job changes, promotions…)

To prepare for events (speeches, job interviews, exams…)

Sophrologie développer sa vitalité, sa concentration et sa mémoire (pour adultes et seniors)

To develop vitality, concentration and memory (for adults and seniors).

Through my personal experience I am very sensitive to issues linked to parenthood and parental exhaustion : managing emotions, restoring energy, learning how to rest and recover.

My working experience as a former HR company executive, gives me a good background to work on burnout prevention, stress management and professional challenges.

And during my sophrology studies, I was particularly interested in how sophrology can help older people : developing vitality, concentration and memory.