You don’t need any special outfit: simply choose comfortable clothes and, if you want to,  prepare to be able to take off your shoes.

First we talk about how you are feeling, and how you have been practicing: what you found useful, interesting or, on the contrary, what you found unsuitable, what you could not do, or what you did not want to do.

This information will help me to adapt the session, if necessary.

Then we begin the exercises, either standing or sitting.

First, I will explain and show you the different exercises.

You will be standing or sitting, most of the time with your eyes closed, and I will guide the session speaking to you for half an hour or so. I will do the exercises at the same time as you.

During a session, you might do breathing exercises, a sequence of simple movements, or exercises during which I might ask you to evoke or visualize images or situations.

Some exercises aim at releasing your muscles, letting  go of tensions, and might lead to a state of deep relaxation, but you are not sleeping and you stay conscious and present during the whole session. At any moment you can decide to change your posture, open your eyes, stop following my voice, in a fully autonomous way.

After we finish the last exercise, we talk about the session, especially about what you felt.

I will give you some information to help you understand the exercises you have just been doing: why and how it works.

Then we have a look at what you could do in the meantime, before our next session together, so that we can adapt it, and I give you everything necessary (documents, recordings, follow-up sheets).

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